Duncan Siscon, a local Drag performer known as Facisha Farce, sets up for the show "Gays in Space" presented by the LGBTQA3 in the Erb Memorial Union on February 18th, 2017. 
  Facisha Farce, who has been hosting and preforming in drag since 2016, gives stage tips to a fellow drag performer who is excitedly preparing for their second drag show.
  Scattered about Facisha's Makeup station is purple Elmer's glue, which is used as brow coverage in order to erase the natural brows, in preparation for heavy eye makeup. 
  Facisha meticulously shadowing her upper eye lid with delicate precision in preparation for the performance. Her art form is the ego and she uses makeup to get into character.
  Duncan Siscon, after two hours of "contouring," "baking" and "beating" the face, transforms into his Drag persona Facisha Farce. Contouring is a makeup technique used to define the shadows of the face, baking is a method to set concealer and beating is a slang term for applying a heavy face of makeup.
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